Heating pad under the table (anti-mildew and anti-bacterial + flame retardant)
This is a hot pad specially designed for office workers and students. It has the luxury of using Carbon Crystal as a heat source, a material that heats up faster and emits very little radiation than conventional heating wires.
At 45 by 65cm, it fits well on a desk or under a desk, and the controller is almost as thin as a cushion, reducing the possibility of attachment. The surface is artificial leather, not only easy to clean and wipe, but also can inhibit the growth of staphylococcus aureus/e. coli and aspergillus Niger *; The interior is covered with expensive memory pads that not only absorb body weight and help relieve foot fatigue, but also transfer heat to the body more quickly.
Please try to figure out the comfort of taking off the high heel shoes and placing them on the warm memory cotton.
Patent Registration Number: JAPAN 3167140. TAIWAN M411190. KOREA 20-0467325. CHINA ZL 2010 2 0693055.2. USA 9084302